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He who dares to Bear,
meet Bradley.

For the past 3.5 years, Bradley has been a Counselor at Operation Bobbi Bear and helped improve the lives of
hundreds of sexually abused children. An experience that he says has changed his life forever.

What brought you to Operation Bobbi Bear?
My struggle with addiction led me here, and over a time period of healing and restoration I started volunteering and
taking courses. My heart found where it belonged and I could never go back

What keeps you motivated to keep doing what you do everyday?
It’s very traumatic when you are dealing with raped children. However, once you see a child that has come in broken
and afraid, transform into someone who has hope and dignity, there’s no comparison. There’s no better feeling in the
world than knowing you have played a part in mending the life of a child. Also when you know the child is alone and
scared, and there is no one else there for them, how can one sit back and do nothing?

What do you love most about working at Operation Bobbi Bear?
I love knowing that I have had a direct impact in someone’s life when they needed help. To me that is such a
comforting feeling. Working here has shown me what my purpose in life is and I am trying my best to make the world
a better place from the front line.

What do you want the world to know about the issue of child sexual abuse?
The world needs to know that this is happening everywhere, in all demographics, and it’s worse than you think and are
being told. There is a war on our children and it’s an issue that involves all of us.

What can the average person do to combat this issue?
Firstly, keep vigilant and don’t push issues under the carpet. Secondly, support an organization who is helping abused
children. Not everyone is able to handle the trauma of dealing with this on a first hand basis, but by empowering and
helping an organization who does, means that you are part of the solution. Your help, no matter how small, goes a long
way to keeping the organization afloat.