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The lockdown in Costa Rica has dramatically affected the most vulnerable families and workers whose livelihoods come mostly from tourism. In the wake of COVID-19, families who were already facing extreme challenges are now unable to work and feed their families.

Emergency Relief

Donation Goal = $15,000
Raised so far 32%


In partnership with the Municipality of Nicoya, KCA is providing vital resources to 500 vulnerable families. The emergency supply baskets contain essential food and hygiene products, providing the necessary resources for a safe and healthy environment for children.

$30 helps feed a family with young children for one month.

will fund the baskets

Why Costa Rica?

From the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Costa Rican Government based their decisions and actions on scientific evidence, putting the preservation of life and the protection of health before other issues. Costa Rica has not won the battle yet, there are still challenges ahead: high unemployment and entrenched poverty. The authorities acknowledge that almost 500,000 jobs could be lost due to the pandemic, increasing the vulnerability of thousands of families. More Costa Rican’s cannot afford food which has led to a high number of families left to go hungry; generating an unprecedented health crisis.

Your support is critical:

You can help mitigate the devastation caused by COVID-19.

Your donation:
- Ensure families can feed their children

- Ensure children are safe and can live in healthy environments


Without our amazing partners and supporters, KCA wouldn't be able to make this possible.

Municipalidad de Nicoya, located in the Costarican tourist area with the support of the Central Government's National Emergency Commission has launched a food program benefiting vulnerable children aged from 1 to 6. The municipality has coordinated the logistics of food delivery benefiting 80 children.

Agua Tibia is a family owned business comprised of 100% local surf instructors. We are a group of humble yet talented Costa Rican surfers who enjoy guiding beginners on their journey to learn how to surf, as well as offering valuable lessons on improving techniques for experienced surfers. To us, surfing is not only about what there is to learn in the water but also on land. We treat the land, the water, the animals and each other with respect. This is our way of life, and this is the base on which we built our practice.Our main focus is safety, nature, people and most of all FUN and SURFING! PURA VIDA!!!