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As is often the case when disaster strikes, the most vulnerable among us have been the hardest hit. In the wake of COVID-19, families who were already facing extreme challenges are now unable to work and feed their families.

Emergency Relief El Salvador

Donation Goal = $380,356
Raised so far 27%


KCA has committed to helping 5,450 vulnerable families with children aged less than 16 living in El Salvador by providing vital food supplies for them for the next 2 months.

For $35 a family of 4 with children 16 years old and younger can be fed for a month.

100% of your donation will fund the food baskets

Why El Salvador?

El Salvador is among the countries most affected by poverty, violence and torn social fabric. During this crisis, the level of poverty has become even more extreme and we must intervene quickly to prevent long-term negative impacts on children’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. The current emergency situation prompted Puro Surf to respond immediately by providing food to over 600 families living along its coastline, and then to initiate a campaign to help more families. KCA decided to join Puro Surf and other local organizations to help and has committed to feeding 5,000 families for 2 months.

Your support is critical:

You can help mitigate the devastation caused by COVID-19.

Your donation:
- Ensures families will have food to survive during the Coronavirus outbreak.
- Helps prevent intra-familiar violence by reducing the stressors in the home.

Our Partners

Puro Surf Hotel & Academy is a company committed to the development of surfing as a sport and sustainable industry in El Salvador. They believe in being responsible members of their coastal community, and creating opportunities for inclusive growth. Puro Surf works with local organization, Glasswing International, on education and health initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for children and families in the community.

Glasswing International is a non-profit organization that addresses the root causes of poverty and violence, through education and health programs that empower youth and communities. In 13 years, Glasswing has directly impacted over 1.1 million individuals in Latin America, the Caribbean, and New York City.