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Even before COVID-19 became a global pandemic threatening the health and well-being of the world, over 2.3 million children in Uganda were already chronically malnourished. In addition, 16% of children under 5 are underweight while 6% are wasted, and 12% of women are malnourished.

Emergency Relief

Donation Goal = $25,565
Raised so far 12%


KCA has committed to providing emergency supplies to 1,000 families reaching 6,000 children in Kampala, Uganda. With the support of Alive Medical Services (AMS), KCA’s long-standing partner in Uganda, we are delivering emergency supplies to the most vulnerable children. These emergency supply baskets include essential food.

For $26 a family of 7 receives a food basket for one month.

will fund the baskets

The issue

The HIV epidemic has increased the prevalence of malnutrition in Uganda, especially in children. The lack of food remains as one of the major reasons for non-adherence on ART. Additionally, the measures put in place to curb transmission of COVID-19 have had a negative impact on the economy/household finances, hence contributing to food insecurity which has led to increasing levels of malnutrition, especially in children.

Your support is critical:

With your contribution we will ensure:
- Families have food to survive through the COVID-19 pandemic; fighting against hunger and malnutrition.
- The effectiveness of HIV treatment will be maintained and the rate of new infections reduced.


Without our amazing partners and supporters, KCA wouldn't be able to make this possible.

In one of the poorest and most crowded urban areas of Kampala, known as Namuwongo, Alive Medical Services (AMS) offers a beacon of hope: free, dignified, comprehensive HIV care and treatment. AMS is rooted in the community and has the trust, love and respect of everyone who comes through their doors. This keeps people coming back, which is essential for on-going HIV care. The services AMS offers include testing, antiretroviral treatment, prevention of opportunistic infections, psychosocial support and counseling, family planning and early infant HIV diagnosis.