we will make it.

This project will help some of the poorest people living in the informal settlement of Kariobangi in Nairobi, by providing the essential requirements of food and hygiene products while they cope with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency Relief

Donation Goal = $ 9,950
Raised so far 1%

KCA is committed to providing emergency supplies to 2,500 people living in the informal settlement, including 1,500 children, through partners Hand of Hope and Gorta Group. They will distribute emergency supply baskets to 500 families. The baskets contain the basic family staples - grains, pulses, oil to enhance the household diet. Each will also contain simple bars of soap for clothes and hand washing.

For $20, it will provide a child and their family with a month’s supply of food and a hygiene kit.

will fund the baskets

The issue

Kariobangi is an informal settlement at the edge of Nairobi which has the highest density population in the city. Conditions are very challenging even in normal times with severe overcrowding, and often unsafe and unhygienic living conditions, with most people living in extreme poverty. Since the shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, informal trade and day labor jobs stopped, leaving poor people without any means of making enough money each day for food for their children. This is a desperate situation and people are living a hand to mouth existence with very little hope of things improving anytime soon.

Your support is critical:

With your contribution we will ensure:
- Provide food and essential hygiene products to the poorest people in Kariobangi to help to keep them safe and nourished.

- Help to relieve the stress on parents who are currently not able to bring in any income, due to the shortage of labor jobs, by helping to provide the essentials.


Without our amazing partners and supporters, KCA wouldn't be able to make this possible.

Hands of Care and Hope (HCH) is a registered charitable organization run by Franciscan Missionary Sisters in Nairobi Kenya. HCH has been in operation since 2006 to date. HCH is committed to responding to the great needs of families and children living in extreme poverty situations in the slums settlements within Nairobi. HCH runs informal schools and feeding programs. They have established two Primary and one Secondary school, and run several skills and training programs for young people.

The Gorta Group is The Freedom From Hunger Council, a group of organizations dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the world's poorest and most marginalized people. The Group comprises of Self Help Africa, Partner Africa, and TruTrade – organizations that work across the developing world, reducing poverty and suffering through innovation and enterprise.