As is often the case when disaster strikes, the most vulnerable among us have been the hardest hit. In the wake of COVID-19, families who were already facing extreme challenges are now unable to work and feed their families.

COVID-19 Emergency Relief

KCA is on the front line supporting the most vulnerable of all. Through our local partners, KCA has supported 114,760 people, mostly children and youth aged less than 16, by providing 1,199,367 lbs of vital food supplies during the COVID-19 outbreak.

El Salvador

10,880 food baskets to 49,046 people, 27,833 of whom are children.


2,800 food baskets and hygiene kits to 16,138 people, 9,145 of whom are children.

Costa Rica

1,000 food baskets and hygiene kits to 3,920 people, 1,787 of whom are children.


450 food baskets to 2,250 people, 920 of whom are children.

Bobbi Bear, South Africa

200 food baskets to 776 people, 654 of whom are children.


1,000 food baskets to 7,014 people, 5,010 of whom are children.

Sahara, India

581 food baskets to 1.458 people, 877 of whom are children.

Saahasee, India

1,200 food baskets to 6,856 people, 4,017 of whom are children.


6,200 food baskets and hygiene kits to 39,833 people, 28,030 of whom are children.


200 food baskets and hygiene kits to 954 people, 799 of whom are children.

Ikageng, South Africa

200 food baskets and hygiene kits to 1,356 people, 842 of whom are children.


1,213 food baskets and hygiene kits to 7,171 people, 4,655 of whom are children.


1,000 food baskets to 2,230 people, 1,540 of whom are children.

Your support is critical. You can help mitigate the devastation caused by COVID-19.
Your donation: ensures families will have food to survive during the Coronavirus outbreak; creates healthier environments for children through the teaching of good hygiene practices; helps prevent intra-familiar violence by reducing stressors in the home.

100% of your donation will fund the food programs