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South Africa has the continent's highest rate of COVID-19 cases. The lockdown and stay-at-home orders have created a complex situation for everyone, particularly for children.

Emergency Relief

Donation Goal = $10,028
Raised so far 12%


KCA is committed to providing emergency supplies to 600 children in 200 families in Amanzimtoti, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. With the support of Bobbi Bear, KCA’s long-standing partner in South Africa, KCA is delivering emergency supplies to the most vulnerable children. These emergency supply baskets include nutritious food.

For $50 a family can be fed for one month

will fund the baskets

The issue

Because of the lockdown, children are not attending school, taking away many important aspects of their day to day lives. They are no longer afforded a space for activities or the other benefits of being at school. Children who relied on school programs for food are now going hungry. In addition, some children no longer have their reprieve from an abusive home. Domestic violence has reportedly increased during this stressful and unprecedented time. Unfortunately, the home is not a safe space for all children.

Your support is critical:

With your contribution we will ensure:

- Families have food to survive through the COVID-19 pandemic.
- Children’s mental health and wellbeing.


Without our amazing partners and supporters, KCA wouldn't be able to make this possible.

Bobbi Bear works on behalf of children who have been sexually abused to minimize their risk of HIV infection at the point of rescue, ensure their health and wellbeing and bring their perpetrators to justice. Driven by the passion and fearlessness of its staff, most of whom are survivors of abuse themselves, Bobbi Bear deals with the unthinkable every day to bring an end to the exploitation of vulnerable children. Its rescue, outreach and awareness-raising programs deliver a multi-pronged approach to fighting the issue of abuse. Recently, Bobbi Bear has expanded to new communities, holding training and awareness-raising events, and increasing dialogue concerning the rights of children in South African courts.