Because of You

Change is Possible

Because of you, the world can change.

20th Year Anniversary.

KCA has spent the last 20 years helping children who have had difficult starts in life. We have worked in 25 countries, with 36 partners and reached 9 million children and young people.

We have watched sick, orphaned, hurt, and hungry children transform into artists, poets, CEOs and loving parents. Change is possible. We look back now on 20 years and see these wonderful people who, with KCA’s support, have built beautiful lives.

We want to look back in another 20 years to see even more lives changed, and we want you to be able to do the same. Because of you, children who might otherwise suffer and struggle will be strong and happy.

We are launching a campaign to help more children be all they can be

For just $20 a month, you can help a child access all of the support they need to live their best lives, regardless of how hard their start in life has been. Together, we can break down barriers, instil hope, and create a brighter, more equitable future for children everywhere. Join us on this journey to empower hope, one child at a time.

Will you join our mission?

Every day, we see significant challenges in the world.

It can be truly overwhelming and make us feel powerless.

The truth is we are in a position to create significant change in the world – one child at a time. The cost of helping a child to be all they can in life is achievable for most of us. As one of our members, you will get an insight into the world of KCA.

To protect the children we work with and respect their dignity, we don’t allocate a child to you. Instead, we will connect you to a community in which the child you support belongs and give you exclusive access to:

Update on the community’s progress

Live video tours of the communities

Exclusive access to KCA events

Annually Meet the KCA leadership team

Free merchandise from KCA

Get Involved

There are several ways to be part of the KCA cause and spark meaningful change.


Donate today to help keep our mission alive. Your contribution to the cause will be felt ten-fold by the children who need it most.


Volunteer and advocate for the mission face-to-face with those it helps most. Or, come join Team KCA on race day and run the distance for change.


Launch a fundraising campaign and rally those around you to join a movement that gives children opportunities to be all they can be.

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