The KCA Approach

Changing the World, One Child at a Time

Children around the world deserve to be all they can be and have healthy, happy, and safe lives.

That belief fuels our dedicated team and partners to work on the front lines to support those who need it most
via resources, confidence, and knowing they are not alone. We tackle the social and economic factors that fuel
global issues through our targeted, actionable, and compassionate approach.


Children are truly at the center of our approach. We support those living through the effects of prevalent global issues and elevate their power by expanding their opportunities, confidence, and access to resources.


The bonds of community run deep and produce an incredible amount of power. We harness that power by partnering with grassroot organizations to help affected communities create their own change.


Passion is the key to fighting the stigma around the world’s most prevalent social and economic issues—and helping the children affected by them. Passion is one of the most important pillars of our approach, as we use it each day to bridge the gap from social isolation and vulnerability to inclusion and strength.


Rather than creating a solution on our own, we stand in solidarity with communities, who create their own solution, demonstrating how the right support can set children and their families up for long-term success.


We couldn’t do what we do without hope. It’s that optimism and belief in a better future that drives our mission to empower people and transform their communities.


The innovative nature of our programs allows us to develop and test models that push boundaries. We share our ideas with governments and other organizations to empower lives at scale.


Raising awareness through conversation is a key element in our approach. We ensure people’s needs are never overlooked or forgotten by keeping their voice at the forefront of our campaigns, events, and advocacy.

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Committed to Empowering Change with Children and Their Communities

KCA and its partner organizations are proud to be fighting on the
frontlines for global causes, from Gender Rights to Climate Change.

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