Our Focus Areas

Providing Resources—and Hope—to Children Facing Pivotal Circumstances

We work alongside
incredibly brave people facing some of the world’s most difficult challenges

and provide a platform—and voice—for change.

Global Impact

See the areas where we partner with organizations and communities to combat these issues
with compassion, dignity, and respect—and help us keep the fight going.

Madrid, Spain
Acompañando Procesos is a relief organization that provides basic needs, information, advice, and mutual aid to vulnerable households.
Kampala, Uganda
Alive Medical Services (AMS) is a leading Ugandan NGO that provides free, comprehensive HIV/AIDS/SRHR services to over 218,000 vulnerable clients annually.
Amanzimtoti, South Africa
Operation Bobbi Bear is a human rights organization that rescues, cares for, and supports sexually abused children in Amanzimtoti, South Africa.
Lilongwe, Malawi
Imagine Worldwide provides high-quality, offline digital learning tools to marginalized children in seven African countries.
Pune, India
Sahara Aalhad is a client-centric NGO that provides comprehensive services to disadvantaged communities, focusing on empowerment and livelihood enhancement.
Soweto, South Africa
KCA supports Mam Carol's passionate work empowering vulnerable and orphaned children in Soweto.
Durban, South Africa
KCA Youth Hub (Blue Roof) is an innovative youth hub in Durban that provides holistic care and support to young people.
KCA and MIF's partnership in Malawi provides education and support to vulnerable teenagers, helping them to reach their full potential and build a better future for themselves.
Kakamega, Kenya
One Acre Fund is committed to empowering smallholder farmers in Africa through education, training, and resources, while also building a diverse workforce and leadership team to better serve its farmers.
Pune, India
Prayas is a non-profit trust that uses research, policy analysis, and training to empower the disadvantaged and facilitate people's own action to shape their future.
South Deli, India
Sahaasee's "Promotion of rights in South Delhi slums” project empowers poor women in South Delhi through community mobilization, institution building, and knowledge, skills, and confidence development, with a focus on forming and capacity building women's solidarity groups known as Self-Help Groups (SHGs).
ESWAPOL is a NGO that provides counseling, education, and support to people affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS, especially women in rural areas. It challenges the Swazi government's policies on AIDS and women's rights.
Zimbabwe, Africa
Zoe Empowers is a non-profit that helps orphaned children and youth led families become self-sufficient in eight countries. The organization's distinctive model focuses on participant-led empowerment and has helped over 150,000 children since 2007.
Kenya, Africa
Zoe Empowers is a non-profit that helps orphaned children and youth led families become self-sufficient in eight countries. The organization's distinctive model focuses on participant-led empowerment and has helped over 150,000 children since 2007.
Kigali, Rwanda
WE-ACTx is a Rwandan non-profit that provides comprehensive healthcare and support to women and children in need, including psycho-social support and specialized groups for vulnerable populations.

Climate / Environment
Battling the climate crisis, one community at a time

We work with organizations around the world to fight the current climate crisis and support the communities most affected by environmental change.

Digital Inclusion
Connecting communities with compassion

Our digital inclusion initiative aims to get communities on the grid and connected in the digital age. Having this kind of access and these skills opens a wealth of opportunities for children across the world.

Empowering with essential education

Education is power. That’s why we partner with communities to create comprehensive and accessible education resources for young people across the world.

Emergency Response
Taking immediate action in emergencies

Every second counts in an emergency situation. We work quickly with partner organizations to deploy critical resources needed by those affected.

Gender Rights
Informing and empowering global communities

Gender rights are human rights. We work hand-in-hand with people around the world to ensure they have the facts and know exactly what their gender rights are.

Health & Wellbeing
Advocating for worldwide health & wellbeing

Children and their families can’t lead healthy lives without healthcare. We help establish crucial healthcare elements that support community needs, allowing people to not just survive—but thrive—for a lifetime.

Human Rights
Fighting for essential human rights

Everyone deserves access to human rights. We advocate for—and educate communities on—their rights, and how to champion for them.

Sexual Abuse & Exploitation
Leading the fight to end global sexual abuse & exploitation

It’s our goal to stop sexual abuse from happening in the first place—and we support those who have experienced abuse and help them move forward.

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