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6 Common Running Injuries

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6 Common Running Injuries

The best way is prevention when possible by having newer shoes, foam rolling, recovery drinks and mobility exercises. 

  • Runner’s knee – dull pain around the front of the knee, felt either while active or after sitting for a long time 
  • IT band syndrome – aching or burning pain on the outside of the knee , typically felt when active 
  • Shin splints – pain at the front or inner-facing portion of your lower legs that worsens with activity 
  • Plantar fasciitis – pain at or near the bottom of the heel, typically felt after activity (not during) or early the next morning. 
  • Achilles Tendinitis – pain in the lower leg just above the heel that may be accompanied by restricted motion when attempting to lift your toes
  • Stress fracture – pain or aching (usually in the shin or foot) that’s felt during activity and that worsens over time 

What can you do to prevent running injuries?

  1. Have a plan and progress slowly
  2. Don’t increase speed and distance at the same time
  3. Give your muscles what they need to recover
  4. Know the difference between soreness and pain that signals injury
  5. Make time for cross-training
  6. Don’t discount the importance of quality running shoes
  7. Stretch

Inevitably we will all have 1 of these injuries. Do not panic. The key is to listen to your body early and not push through an injury and with treatment early on the recovery for most of these.

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