We give people hope for a better future.

Today, we continue to work on the front lines in the fight against HIV/AIDS, providing life-saving treatment, care and support for children, young people and their families.

We also tackle the social and economic factors that fuel this epidemic such as poverty, lack of education, stigma, discrimination and isolation through comprehensive healthcare services, skills-building and livelihood opportunities and intervention for victims of sexual exploitation and abuse.


We don’t just treat the disease; we treat the person. HIV/AIDS touches almost every aspect of someone’s life. We can’t fight the epidemic if we don’t address the underlying conditions that drive the impact of the virus.


We harness the power of communities to effect their own change. By partnering with local organizations who are committed to and passionate about the people they serve, we touch the lives of those who need it most.


Stigma is the engine that powers HIV and AIDS. We find innovative ways to fight the stigma through compassion, bridging the gap from social isolation and vulnerability to inclusion and strength.


We include people living with HIV/AIDS as part of the solution to demonstrate how the right treatment and support can lead to healthier, happier lives.


The trajectory of HIV and AIDS is closely linked to poverty. We offer skills-building and livelihood opportunities to empower women and young people to transform their communities and look towards their futures.


The flexible and innovative nature of our programs allows us to develop and test models of care that push boundaries. We share our ideas with governments and other healthcare organizations to transform and impact lives at scale.


We raise our voice for all people living with HIV/AIDS to keep the issue at the forefront of public discussion. Through our campaigns, events and advocacy, we ensure the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS are never overlooked or forgotten.

Join us in the fight.