Emergency Relief

All Children Deserve to be safe.

KCA’s Urgent Response to the Humanitarian Crisis.

On the 7th of October 2023, children in Israel were killed, injured, and kidnapped, while many others are suffering from the loss of their parents and family members and the trauma of their experiences. Those living in the north and south of Israel have been internally displaced. An estimated 5,000 children in Gaza have been killed, with a reported 15,000 sustaining injuries, and over 1 million have been internally displaced. Many children are grappling with the loss of their parents and family members and are facing challenges in having their most basic needs met.

KCA is supporting babies with diapers, powder milk and basic surviving needs. KCA will continue to be there for ALL children.

Every child deserves a chance to thrive.

Committed to Empowering Change with Children and Their Communities

KCA and its partner organizations are proud to be fighting on the
frontlines for global causes, from Gender Rights to Climate Change.


Partnerships on the ground

We recognize the needs are vastly different in each location and we have identified partners on the ground that are working on the front line, supporting the most vulnerable. We are currently working with international partners to provide:

Medical supplies and temporary accomodation to families who have been injured or have lost their homes.

Toy, games and books for children.

Baby milk, bottle and diapers to babies from the most vulnerable families.

Psychological support for children and their families.

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Get Involved

There are several ways to be part of the KCA cause and spark meaningful change.


Donate today to help keep our mission alive. Your contribution to the cause will be felt ten-fold by the children who need it most.


Launch a fundraising campaign and rally those around you to join a movement that gives children opportunities to be all they can be.

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