We lead by example.


We’re committed to the cause

HIV/AIDS Treatment and
Provide free comprehensive HIV/AIDS treatment, care and support for
children, young people and families affected by the global epidemic.
keep a child alive our work hiv aids
Sexual and Reproductive Health
and Rights.
Ensure children and young people have the facts and know their rights when
it comes to sexual and reproductive health.
keep a child alive our work hiv sexual
Maternal and
Child Health.
Provide the critical components of care that support maternal and child
health, allowing people to not only survive but thrive for a lifetime.
keep a child alive our work hiv maternal
Livelihoods and
Leadership Skills.
Equip women and young people with the knowledge, skills and opportunities
to transform their communities and their futures.
keep a child alive our work sexual exploitation
Sexual Exploitation and
Help stop sexual abuse from happening in the first place by supporting those
who have experienced abuse and helping to convict the perpetrators.


Our local partners keep us inspired.

We fight with compassion,
dignity and respect.