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Runner of the Month – June

Runner of the Month

For many runners, the New York City Marathon holds a special allure. The energy of millions cheering you on as you weave through all five boroughs is an experience unlike any other. Today, we meet Kristy White, a runner whose journey to the NYC Marathon starting line has been one of perseverance, dedication, and a little bit of unexpected luck.

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It is really such a dream to be here! I have been a runner for as long as I can remember. I grew up on a fruit and dairy farm and discovered pretty quickly that running could get you out of a few farm chores… or at least delay them. I had mostly ran the 5k and 10k distance but thanks to an uncle who ran marathons, I had always dreamed of one day running a marathon. I graduated college and moved to NYC where I discovered the excitement that is the New York City Marathon! I was smitten with the city and the idea of running all the boroughs just seemed like such a unique experience I thought “One day I am going to do THAT!”. Shortly after that experience, I ran my first half marathon and it really put into perspective just how LONG a marathon was! Turns out, it is really really long. I continued to work on my dream of running a marathon and completed the distance for the first time in 2018, after the birth of my 2nd child. I have worked the past 5 years on my speed to meet the qualifying time for New York City Marathon, and I made my time requirement in 2023, beating it by 3 minutes. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t fast enough for this year’s applicants, and I didn’t make the cut. I have a brother and sister who did get in so I was determined to find a way to run this year. After not getting drawn out on the final lottery bib draw, I felt all hope was lost. I knew people could enter with a charity team bib, but I had thought I had missed the deadline for that. Thanks to a Runner’s World article just a few days after the final lottery draw, I learned the charities had just been posted. Keep A Child Alive was my knight in shining armor! KCA was one of the first charities I applied for, and I was thrilled when they were so quick to extend an offer to have me on the team. I connected with their mission to help children and underserviced populations around the world, and I love that with it being a global organization it is something anyone can connect with and be willing to donate towards. It is so exciting to continue working towards achieving my dream this fall, and feel blessed to be part of the KCA team. It has made this journey even more memorable than I had ever thought possible. It may take time and it may not happen as you expected, but keep chasing those dream!

The biggest tip for fundraising in my experience is to get personal. We all have a reason why we want to run so lean into that and share with everyone you know! It is not comfortable to ask for money, but I have found that people are willing to support you in your dreams if you are willing to share it. Something that has been a huge help is having friends/family who will carry the fundraising banner with you and continue to share your fundraising link with others or bring new ideas for fundraising. I shared my KCA donation page link on social media platforms and asked friend and family to share it on theirs to try and reach a wider audience. I have fundraised once before when I went to Kenya with a non-profit group, but the small amount needed required small effort. This time the amount felt a bit daunting, but what dream is ever accomplished without climbing a few mountains. Find people who will cheer you on and help motivate you when you get overwhelmed. I am glad I took KCA’s advice and started early! I didn’t think I would be this close by now. Aside from utilizing social media to fundraise, I am hosting a yard sale/bake sale with my siblings, hosting an online fundraising party through a kitchen supply company where they will donate a portion of the sales to KCA, and reaching out to locally owned businesses to ask for donations. I wish everyone the best in reaching their goals and am looking forward to an awesome race this November!

Kristy’s story is a testament to the power of dreams and the importance of never giving up. But her journey to the NYC Marathon goes beyond personal achievement. By running with Keep A Child Alive, Kristy is using her passion for running to make a real difference in the lives of children around the world.

We wish Kristy the best of luck in her fundraising efforts and her upcoming race! This November, she won’t just be running for herself, but for a cause close to her heart. Let’s all cheer her on as she chases her dream and makes a positive impact on the world!

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