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Runner of the Month – May

Runner of the Month

Have you ever dreamt of running a marathon? Maybe you’ve even considered running for a charity, but weren’t sure where to start. Look no further than Lauren Nelson’s inspiring story! Lauren is gearing up to conquer her second marathon, all while raising funds for a cause she deeply cares about: Keep A Child Alive (KCA).

In this blog post, we’ll follow Lauren’s journey as she shares her fundraising tips, her connection to KCA’s mission, and her advice for future runners. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just starting out, Lauren’s story is sure to motivate you to hit the pavement and make a difference.

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Fundraising Tips:
Honestly I had never fundraised for myself before or put myself out there, so it was a bit of a learning curve. I posted my link via social media and shared my story and why I’m running and that has been the best way. It has been so amazing to see people support you, even people you didn’t think would. It helps you to realize and see all the connections you have in the world and who you have touched. I also would suggest doing a fundraiser at a restaurant, which I am planning to do! I have always worked in a restaurant and I think the networking there is unbeatable. Biggest fundraising tip is being vulnerable and leaning on those that love and care about you. It is hard to do, but people want to support you, so let them!
Story for Running for KCA:
I hadn’t heard of KCA until I started looking at ways to run the NYC Marathon. I knew I was going to go the charity route, so I wanted to make sure it was something I’m passionate about. I didn’t want to ask my friends and family to support me and a charity I didn’t believe in. When I looked up Keep A Child Alive, I fell in love with it for multiple reasons. It  helps children globally, it isn’t restricted to one area. It focuses on education and resources to help kids have a healthy and better life. It gives children opportunities they might not have originally. I used to be a teacher, so education and supporting children to be the best versions of themselves is very close to my heart. I have also done a bit of traveling throughout my life and you don’t realize what people are going through or how differently they live from you until you see it first hand.  Keep A Child Alive is a perfect blend of things I am passionate about and knew once I found them I would LOVE to be able to run for them.
For Future Runners:
This will be my second marathon I have ran and my best advice for you would be that running is MENTAL. You don’t have to have a perfect training plan and hit all your long runs before. Yes, train some; don’t go in without any training. But have fun with it and as long as you believe you can run 26.2 miles, you will. Race day for a marathon is unmatched. The energy is immaculate. Having a stranger read your name on your bib at mile 18  and say “You’re doing great Lauren! “when you are struggling and questioning why you signed up to run a marathon is a feeling you will never forget. This is all cheesy I know, but so true! Also make sure to take rest days and STRETCH. I struggled with that in the beginning of my running career but found that it is so, so important. Journal after a run how you felt and what you ate before to help you fuel and that will help you to look and see what you need to change or not. I also found that listening to books or podcasts helps me a bunch with pacing and not running too fast in the beginning. All in all, it is YOUR race that YOU are running for YOURSELF. You got this!!!!

Lauren’s story is a testament to the power of both physical and personal accomplishment. Her journey reminds us that running a marathon isn’t just about physical strength, but also about mental resilience and a deep connection to something bigger than ourselves. Whether you’re inspired to lace up your running shoes or simply lend your support to a cause close to your heart, Lauren’s message is clear: you got this!

So, are you ready to take on your own personal challenge and make a difference? Let Lauren’s story be your inspiration. Visit our website to learn more about KCA and how you can contribute to their mission, or simply share Lauren’s story to help spread awareness!

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