All children deserve to be safe.

The invasion of Ukraine is a tragedy for all of its citizens, but for children who are disabled or who are living with a life-limiting illness like cancer or heart disease, it is the worst situation imaginable. Access to medication and therapies are in short supply and the only hope of survival is to get to a place of safety. Thousands of sick children and orphans in Ukraine are dependent on life-saving treatment, medicines or palliative care packages and they need help now. 

KCA is working with Ukrainian partners Tabletochki, Future UKR and Tvoya-Opora to get the most vulnerable children and their families living with serious conditions or who are orphaned to the border of Poland where they will have access to the health resources, food and refuge that they need immediately. 

This means organizing escorted transport to the border, taking doctors and emergency medication with them, and getting food and basic provisions along the way.

Donation Goal = $3,000,000


100% of your donation goes directly to helping these unseen victims of war.

Saving Children with Cancer and other serious illnesses

There are thousands of children across Ukraine who have serious illnesses or disabilities and who are reliant on life-saving medication. With such high needs these kids depend on doctor escorts and constant treatment to be able to flee the country safely.

Protecting single mothers and their children.

Shelter and accommodation for single women and their children who already have nowhere to go is the difference between life and death. By providing refuge houses in safe areas, food and water we are able to offer protection and support.

Rescuing Orphans without parents or families.

Without parents or families to look after them, many orphans are totally reliant on the care provided by others. We are supporting these children with vital care packages and transport to the border where they will find safety and refuge.

Evacuating Children and their families.

We are supporting children who have had to flee Ukraine to safety. We are working with incredible partners and flying families to safety in Portugal and into a welcoming community.

Our partners on the ground.

We are working closely with organizations on the ground in Ukraine who are getting help directly to those that need it. Our local partners, Tabletochky, Future UKR and Tvoya-Opora are able to help thousands of children by transporting them to safety and meeting their basic needs as they flee from war.

Help the unseen victims
children of war